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Stock photos for $1 !!!
On this site you can find growing collection of Royalty Free stock photography in several categories like: business, finance, photography, technology, computers, landscapes, waterfalls, textures, abstract backgrounds.

The photography collection consists of images in two different resolutions.

medium resolution (about 1600 x 1200) stock photos - $1
high resolution (about 3000 x 2000) stock images - $5

Small remark - not all pictures available in both resolution and future changes in price is possible.
There are no any tricks or catch with these prices. Good luck with your projects.
Featured photos
Some of featured photos and galleries are on right side of this page. Following categories available right now:

view whole collection

For a sample in 1600x1200 resolution you can go to
image of the month
You can use this image under license for stock photography, as well.

Payment and delivery
The main goal of this site (and it is also explanation of our extremely low prices) is to deliver photos instantly. Our "gatekeeper" to whole collection is BitPass. It is famous company who supports micropayment system. Within few minutes You can register there and start buying products on Internet not only on our site. If You have Paypal account You can make Your first payments even faster. They accept major credit cards as well.

After purchase through Bitpass new screen appear with suggestions of "download as". During the transaction You'll get the filenumber, time and date of transaction - this is Your proof of purchase. Dont forget to mark it somewhere.
If You have any problems with downloading - please, contact me.

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