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Business and finance stock photography on Alex Stock Photo( featured images )

US dollars and Euro coins in one frame Business communication concept - photo of laptop and PDA Business photography - closeup shot of a PDA and stylus Gains and losses of a stock market - graph and US dollar bills
Stock market photography - annual stock profit report Unusual view on classic leather cover agenda Closeup shot of a twenty USD bill, focus on th middle of banknote New style 20 US dollar banknote photo
Windows of a corporate building Travel wallet with credit card and US dollar bills Office building Cash and credit card - US dollars and credit card
European union flag made of eurocoins United States of America - closeup photo of a dime - 10 cents coin Eurocoins of European countries - small change Money wallpaper - US dime coins
Business concept - digital organizer, pen and old style agenda Business closeup shot - laptop and digital PDA Classic agenda in leather cover Office concept photography - notebook and old style leather agenda
Leather travel wallet and US dollar banknotes Travel wallet - cash, credit cards and tickets Leather travel wallet, credit card, US dollars and Euros Reflections of clouds and blue sky in office windows
Business photography - stock market certificates and annual profit report Stock market certificates - shares of major companies Macro photo of stock market certificates - business concept photography Stock shares and small change coins
European money - Euro coins and fifty cents Finance concept - world currency - US dollar banknotes and Euro coins European contries coins - fifty cents Eurocoins from different european countries
Close up on twenty dollar bill Money wallpaper - wallpaper made of 20 USD bills Close shot of 20 dollar bill Stack of a new style twenty US dollar banknotes on a white background
Closeup photo of word Business in english - russian dictionary Photo of the page in english - russian dictionary, focus on the word money Reclaiming your tax - tax free concept broshure Macro photos of European fifty cents coins, high resolution
Euro banknotes - 10 and 50 euro bills Wallet with credit card and cash Leather wallet, credit card and US dollar banknotes Credit card and cash - Euro banknotes and credit card
Business and office concept photography - agenda and the pen Business concept - agenda, glasses and the pen Office concept photo - agenda, digital organiser and glasses United States banknotes macro photography - 20 USD bills
Shares and real money - european coins Stock certificate on Euronext in Euros Euronext stock certificates - business and money photography Notebook and PDA - digital organiser - closeup photo
Laptop, old style classic leather covered agenda and pen - office concept photo Old classic style agenda - closeup macro photo Macroshots of a Euro coins - high resolution and details Twenty US dollar banknote - double sided
Stack of european coins Bunch of 20 USD banknotes on black background Bunch of different Russian Rubles banknotes on black background Photos of banknotes of Bank of Russia - different russian rubles bills
Fifty Euro banknote - a macro shot of a bill Passport and Euro bills Sky, clouds and windows of office buildings Corporate office building

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